Rosemary Quilt

Rosemary quilt by Megan Collins.jpg

If you haven’t ever seen one of Jodi’s (@talesofcloth) amazing English paper piecing quilt designs, you need to go check her out now.  It’s okay, this will wait.  ; ) 

Jodi’s quilt designs have been awesome for a long time, and now (insert drumroll) she has a new book full of amazing designs, The Seedling Quilts.  She also has a shop that sells paper pieces, so you can buy kits for these quilt designs!  She has signed copies of the book available, or you can find the book for preorder on Amazon. 

The Seedling Quilts Book.jpg

I was super lucky, and was asked to join The Seedling Quilts book tour.  I chose to make the Rosemary Quilt to share with you, but there are many quilts in this book that I would absolutely love to make.  The Rosemary Quilt is a mix of English paper piecing, applique, and traditional piecing.  I had never appliqued before, but Jodi’s directions were well written and to the point.  I had no trouble with the applique process, and now I have a new skill!

RosemaryQuilt Folded.jpg

I love the ‘rosemary’ shape in this quilt.  Jodi’s quilts in this book are inspired by medicinal herbs.  She shares stories behind each quilt name on her blog.  To make the shape stand out even more, I hand quilted around them.  Hand quilting is another new thing for me – so instead of attempting to hand quilt the entire quilt, I machine quilted a Baptist fan design in the background of the quilt. 

RosemaryQuilt Quilting.jpg

Jodi is planning a QAL for October!  If you want to know more, keep an eye out on Instragram @talesofcloth

RosemaryQuilt Swirl.jpg