Cloud Quilting

I made some simple cloud quilting templates to make quilting all the rainbows a little easier!  And I’m sharing them with you here!  I used the templates to quilt this Retro Rainbow quilt. (The Retro Rainbow pattern can be found in my shop.)

Retro Rainbow Quilt

Retro Rainbow Quilt

There are two sections to the cloud templates.  I suggest printing them on cardstock and leaving as much of the cardstock below the clouds as you can to make the templates more stable. Then cut the clouds out along the curved edges. I traced my templates with a hera marker from left to right across the quilt.  (If you’re new to free motion quilting and want to know why I prefer this, read below)  If you prefer to meander when you free motion quilt, these templates can be used that way too.


There are two pieces to the template and I alternated the sections, flipped them upside down, or repeated a section as necessary to mix up the motif across the quilt.  It allowed me to work left to right across the quilt and there was enough variation possible that I didn’t feel like every row turned out the same.  As a bonus, I didn’t have to think about where I was going next or how I was going to get back to that little space I accidentally left behind.  ; )  Quilting left to right across the quilt also allows me to finish a row quickly in case the toddler wakes up from nap! I can take the quilt off the machine, without leaving threads to bury, and leave my workspace free for other projects. I finished the quilting much quicker than with the purely meander style clouds on the other quilts, and was pleased with the result.  So if you are looking for an idea for cloud quilting – to use as I did, or to make your own variation of this free motion quilting, there is a printable available below.  Enjoy!  As always, I’d love to see your makes – tag me @megancollins_a if you want to share! 


Cloud Quilting on Retro Rainbow Quilt